K220: YOU4BLUE – Young generations for sustainable blue growth – Crete

On the frame of “WP2 – WE ALL LEARN”, HCMR’s team of scientists welcomed students from IEK MORFI on December 2 nd, 2023 on its facilities in CretAquariun THALASSOKOSMOS, in Heraklion, Crete, where they carried out three (3) in-situ scientific activities. Starting with the 1 st In-situ activity “BIODIVERSITY – PLAKTON”, the students of IEK Morfi discovered the incredible biodiversity of the tiny plankton. They had the opportunity to observe phytoplanktonic organisms using microscopes and zooplanktonic ones using stereoscopes.

Then, with the 2 nd In-situ activity “BIODIVERSITY of FISH”, the students of IEK Morfi were immersed in the vast underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea and its inhabitants, during a guided tour in the CretAquarium. They had the opportunity to learn, observe and photograph cartilaginous and bony fishes, non-native (alien) species and many more aquatic organisms.

In closing, we completed the day’s program of YOU4BLUE in-situ Activities with the 3 rd In-situ activity “MARINE LITTER – Part 1”. The students of IEK Morfi were informed about the tremendous threat to the world’s marine ecosystems posed by marine litter.