Thinking about applying for funding?



Make sure you’ve read the programme guide before you apply and checked when the next deadline is for the submission of applications to ensure you understand the funding rules and eligibility criteria for your chosen activity. The application must be submitted by the deadline set for each Action. The deadlines for the submission of projects are specified for each Action in the Part B “Eligibility Criteria” of this Guide. All deadlines for submission of applications specified below end at 12.00 (noon), Brussels time.

Key Action 1

Mobility of individuals in the field of youth 5 February 2020
Mobility of individuals in the field of higher education 5 February 2020
Mobility of individuals in VET, school education and adult education fields 5 February 2020
Mobility of individuals in the field of youth 30 April 2020
Mobility of individuals in the field of youth 1 October 2020
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees 13 February 2020

Key Action 2

Strategic partnerships in the field of youth 5 February 2020
Strategic partnerships in the field of education and training 24 March 2020
Strategic partnerships in the field of youth 30 April 2020
Strategic partnerships in the field of youth 1 October 2020
European Universities 26 February 2020
Knowledge Alliances 26 February 2020
Sector Skills Alliances 26 February 2020
Capacity building in the field of higher education 5 February 2020
Capacity building in the field of youth 5 February 2020

Key Action 3

Youth Dialogue projects 5 February 2020
30 April 2020
1 October 2020

Jean Monnet actions

Chairs, Modules, Centres of Excellence, Support to Associations, Networks, Projects 20 February 2020

Sport actions

Collaborative partnerships 2 April 2020
Small collaborative partnerships 2 April 2020
Not-for-profit European sport events 2 April 2020

Every year a General Call for Proposals is published, presenting opportunities for organisations and individuals active in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. In the Call you can find the objectives of the programme, an overview of the actions it is divided in, eligibility of potential actors, budget and duration of projects, and submission deadlines for each action. You can consult the latest Call for Proposals in our Calls section. In addition, some Specific Calls for Proposals are published at centralised level, through the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

The 2020 Erasmus+ Call for proposals is now available in all official EU languages on the Erasmus+ website


Each organisation involved in the application must register in the Participant Portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC). Organisations/groups that have already obtained a PIC through their participation in other EU programmes do not need to register again. The PIC obtained from this previous registration is valid also for applying under Erasmus+; Register in EU Participant Portal to get it.

Instructions in YouTube how to make ECAS

If you have PIC code, you can skip this and start to fill the application form.
In case you have lost your PIC or cannot remember it, please follow the instructions of the Portal FAQs.


Before submitting your application, you are looking for partners working in fields that are of interest to you. Look for inspiration and potential partners by using the search criteria (programme, year, country, field of activity, keyword) available on the public interface.


Make pre-registration to course and session for Erasmus Key Action 1 at our website you want to participate (If you already have a grant, you can go to final registration without pre-registration).
Pre-registration is not binding, so if you do not get the grant and you are not coming, you do not have to pay.


Filling the application form.
When your PIC is entered into an application form, your organisation’s details will be entered automatically.
Start filling the missing data many days before deadline.

  • Remember there are word limits in sections of the application form.
  • For grant support to travel costs in the Erasmus+ programme, travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator.
  • Submit the application to your National agency. All the files are submitted online, so you’ll need only to scan documents.
  • Ensure that start date and end date of your project accurately reflect the length of the project applied for In Key Action 1, that is either one year or two years.
  • Ensure you understand the quality criteria against which your application will be assessed.


When you receive positive feedback from your national agency (or you have other kind of grant) please let us know so we can confirm your chosen date.
When you know all the participants make the FINAL REGISTRATION.

NOTE: You cannot book flights and hotels, before we confirm the course. Confirmation follows after we have the minimum number of registrations.


After you receive a grant approval notice, you’ll need to sign contract with your national agency.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Accreditation Brochure

This is the Accreditation Brochure in Greek.