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The Center for Lifelong Learning Level 1 (K.D.Vi.M. 1) KEPANSI is active in the field of Vocational Education and Training, operating in Heraklion of Crete since 1992, offering courses for various specialties in the field of Aesthetics: Beauty & Wellness, Professional Make-up, Hand-Foot Care & Aesthetics – Nail Artist, Alternative beauty Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wellbeing, School Salon.

Its main purpose is to provide high-quality theoretical and practical training to the specialties/fields offered so that its trainees can successfully integrate into the labor market and effectively respond to its demands and challenges. In particular, specialization is offered in the fields of Aesthetics, Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Professional Make-up, Manicure-Pedicure Art, Reflexology, Macrobiotic Diet, Traditional Chinese Medicine –Acupuncture and Alternative Therapies.


Our Educational Organisation ‘MARIA M. ANDREADAKI & SIA E.E.’ is based in Heraklion, Crete Greece and has a long 22-year experience in private education, offering high quality education and training in diverse vocational sectors and investing equally in theoretical and practical knowledge. Our vision is to provide students with the highest qualifications and means to achieve a successful entry into the labor market.

We are a private Educational Organisation, focused on vocational education and training and lifelong learning, with a long experience in participating in ERASMUS+ programs. As the new school year has started and along with it the preparation for the submission of new Erasmus+ projects we would like to take this opportunity to propose  collaboration under the framework of this program.

We are interested in engaging with institutions both as sending and as receiving organization offering our students the opportunity to be hosted by  institutions in Europe. Our staff has over ten years of experience in international cooperation.

Aiming to ensure the highest academic quality, we provide a variety of educational programs, highly qualified teaching staff, state-of-the art laboratories and teaching rooms that meet the highest standards as well as safety requirements, a vast variety of extracurricular activities aiming to offer further insight to each specialty field.

As we strongly value the benefits of long life learning education and training in various educational environments, we have been participating in ERASMUS+ programs since 2010, both as a sending and receiving organization. Having collaborated with many educational institutions and Intermediary organizations, we bring the knowledge and expertise needed to provide quality programs to visiting students and staff.

Our trainees/students receive a Certificate of Study following a successful completion of their studies (4 academic semesters for the specialty of Aesthetics, Reflexology Macrobiotic Diet, Traditional Chinese Medicine –Acupuncture and Hairdressing) and 2 teaching semesters for the other specialties. Students are also provided with pedagogical guidance, consisting of personalized counseling and assistance on issues related to their studies and learning processes.

With experience in non-formal education, we work for the youngsters from our community. By presenting European values and providing new mobility opportunities to our students youngsters, we would like to support and inspire them to get socially involved and develop their skills (team building, computer, ploblem solving, linguistic e.t.c.) to benefit themselves and their environment as well.

Advantages of the Institute

  • The distinctive scientific and technical personnel
  • The direct and personal relation with the students / trainees which is recommended in the individualization supply of consultative support and assistance in issues that concern the procedure of education and learning.
  • The Employment and Career Structure which undertakes the support of the graduates and their accommodation in job search. It attends their professional route and consults for ways of professional evolution.
  • The well-equipped and modern labs as well as the teaching classes in our Institute which fulfill the safety specifications.
  • The enrichment of academic life of students/trainees with a variety of educational and other activities, which promote the personality, fulfill knowledge and inform for the progress in each sector.
  • The creation of flexible short –term or long-term programs of training that respond to the needs of the trainees.
  • Cooperation with an immense number of employers and ability of responding to the educational needs of labor market.
  • The implementation of national and European programs for young people, unemployed or mature employees who wish to augment their competency.

What are the skills and expertise of key staff involved in Erasmus+ projects?

Experienced and skilled scientific and technical staff that is constantly informed about current developments in Science and Technology is the team of trainers at KEPANSI. The personnel of the  Institute is chosen with strict criteria related to the experience in adult training and the ability of using teaching methodology for adult education.

The educators have great scientific or technical knowledge and experience in their specialty. Many of them are distinctive in their sector and moreover, plenty of them have a European working experience. They have language certificates and are digitally informed. Finally, they have skills of communication and they can cooperate by creating a team work.

Our staff has a long-term experience with European projects. This experience enables us to work successfully in the fields of youth participation at the local, regional, national and international level and to ensure the highest quality of our work. We have applied with many Erasmus projects.

Team members of our federation are teachers, psychologists, social specialists, IT specialist, graphic designer. The project team consists of the managers, the financial manager, teachers of professional subjects, who are responsible for language preparation and will set the expected learning outcomes and ensure their dissemination to the local community.

  • Tutoring and follow-up
  • Organization of work placements, seminars and professional visits
  • Accommodation
  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Organization of local transports

Personnel of the Institute

Maria Andreadaki
Head of organization and functionof the Institute, office of employment and career

Antigoni Andreadaki
Manager of “I.E.K. MORFI”, Math’s teacher with long–term experience in the Secondary education and Vocational education and trainingof post- secondary level. Experience in the organizationand management of programsof mobility LDV (IVT and PLM).

Zaxarenia Andreadaki
Head of communication,cooperation and networkingin European and global level, consultant of ensuring educational quality of “I.E.K. M.O.R.F.I”, coordinator of teams of students and Trainer of trainers, head of plans of mobility.

Evgenia Psaltaki
Educator, coordinator of teamsof students and Trainer of trainers, head of plans of mobility.